Friday, November 21, 2014

The long awaited update...

Yup. It's been quite a while. Of course I have been all sorts of busy since April. However I've also had plenty of time to write up a quick post letting the world know that I'm still healthy, happy and kicking around. But I often struggle with the online journal idea. And most days I'm simply not doing anything that feels like it is worthy of the words I'd struggle to find.

Nonetheless, here are the quick recaps for those of you still checking in here.

Travel:  Ireland was beautiful, easy, and full of magic moments. Lots of SCA events and weekend camping throughout the summer, including an extraordinarily fun two weeks of camping for Pennsic War. A week in Colorado which I hope to repeat next year. And a trip to Texas with family to see family which did my heart a lot of good. No trips on the horizon yet. Somewhere warm is on my mind for the late winter though. No destination yet, just the idea of somewhere with sun, heat, and a lack of snow.

Health:  Still physically doing very well. All systems working well and no problems other than those that come with being forty-something and a bit out of shape. There have been two PET scans these past months, one in June and then October with another lined up at the end of the year. The June scan showed some activity in a lung lymph node which we then went and had biopsied. Results came back benign (woohoo!). October scan showed continued activity, but too soon to go through the biopsy ordeal again. Currently on a three-month scan schedule until we can rule out any actual cancerous activity. My local oncologist retired this summer so I have a new one whom I really like. He's far more engaged than my prior doctor, and I'm looking forward to working with him.

That's all I have for the moment. I hope everyone is happy, healthy and warm. Thanks for checking in.