Thursday, August 18, 2016

War *unh* what is it good for?

Hello and cordial greetings! I have joyously returned from my campaign traveling to the War in Pennsylvania. Such a glorious time was had. I had a spacious dining fly "porch" that quickly became dubbed the "champagne lounge." Ironic, considering we had no champagne. But there *was* lots of sangria. Or, as one new visitor called it, shangri-la. And so the evenings passed fairly wine-soaked, and the days passed slowly and melting-ly in the heat of the sun. I had two goals for this year's War, and I can say with confidence that I successfully attained them both. The first was to take time for friends and campmates - tending requests for visits; making a hospitable space for all; spending quality time with those I truly care for. The second was to find a place of temperance. This is somewhat related to the first. To balance my time, my attentions, my wine consumption, my resting, Me. And so it was... though, it was the laziest Pennsic ever for me. There was tons of lounging with music and books and conversations. It was a true vacation this year.

Upon my return, I jumped directly into the last session of this third chemo round. Had more nausea than usual this time around. And I slept most of Tuesday into oblivion. I'm certain some of that was resting from my vacation. But even through today I've been wiped out. Since the pump has been off this afternoon, I have felt a bit peppier, though not near a hundred percent. I expect the morning tomorrow will find me feeling much better.

Next on the cancer front is a PET scan in the middle of September. Results the third week of the month, and, depending on the report, possibly starting a fourth round of chemo instantly. However, I am hoping that the report, post radiation and this last round, will be clear enough for a break in treatment.

Nothing else has happened in the last couple of weeks. Vacation and all the fun that it brought. Now I start to prep for my trip to Paris in just over two short weeks. Yay!! Super excited to go to one of the most iconic cities in the world; a place full of wonderful art, amazing food, fantastic wine, stylish population, and loads of history. It is only a 6 day trip, but I expect it to be fantabulous.

Don't believe I have any pithy, optimistic bits for you this evening. So... I hope you are all well or working your way towards better. *mwah*