Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catching Up

Another expanse of time has passed between posts. Things have been busy around here lately and will continue to be for the next couple of months. In years past October was always a busy month because it was fund drive month at the public radio station where I worked. Seems like that tradition of a busy October is slated to continue despite my retirement. As a matter of fact I'll only be home for one weekend in this whole month. It seems crazy sometimes how the days just slip by. I'm finally back into an almost daily yoga practice, and am dragging my lazy ass outside for walks as well. Though the latter isn't as regular as I would like yet. The cooler weather is coming on quickly and I'd like to take advantage of the sun's warmth while it is still around for a little while.

I booked a pair of tickets to Tokyo for November 9th. So the two-week trip to Japan is officially in the works! Still working on making reservations and plans, but I'm very excited for my first trip abroad. Finally time to get that passport stamped and start my world travels. I was up early this morning to see my regular doctor for the first of the my vaccination shots. There isn't really much needed for travel to Japan right now. Updated my flu shot for the year and started the two-part Hepatitis A vaccine. I'll get the shot for Japanese Encephalitis tomorrow and the second part of the Hep A the day before we leave.

There are several crafty projects for me to work on right now. Finishing up some lucet work for a mixed display in a couple of weeks. Lots of little things to work on to prep for TeslaCon at the end of the month. Three whole days of steampunk outfits means some minor tailoring and lots of cool "steamy" accessories to work out. And an ongoing embroidery project for my nephew which I need to move into the living room so that I spend more time on it.

Time has probably been the item foremost on my mind lately. I have yet to create any sort of daily schedule for myself and have begun to feel like this might be a needed change. I tend to move back and forth between many multiple things in a day, and often in an inefficient manner. I'm not really enamored of the idea of a daily schedule. But some sort of loose framework is probably going to work best. Now to come up with something that I can impose without feeling constrained, that's the dilemma.

No medical news to comment on. And hopefully none to come in the future. PET scan in late November with results a couple of weeks later. But other than these follow-up appointments every three months I shouldn't have anything to report. That's the best kind of news though. However it does seem to be bad news for me keeping up with this blog. I'll continue to try to stay recent. Another item to add to that loose schedule.

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