Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Third Assiversary

Three years ago today... it was a weekday and I went alone to get the results from my colonoscopy. Clearly I wasn't thinking anything important of the appointment. Suddenly I found myself at the top of the first hill of the cancer roller coaster. Three years is a long time, but time is most definitely an amorphous construction and there are moments when that day feels too close or so far away I can barely see it.

The holidays and turning of the year already make this an intense and emotional time for most. Adding the "assiversary" to my year-end calendar indubitably intensifies these weeks. I try to use the increased awareness to be ever more grateful for all the good things in my life and the continued opportunity to spend this time with family and friends. To consider the year about to pass in the best possible light.

I'm passing this year's dark anniversary quietly and with deep regard. Tomorrow will be my third PET scan for the year. I'll have the results in the new year and will be sure to update again for the stalwarts who keep checking in here. Until then, I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and an absolutely glorious new year.

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