Monday, January 25, 2016

Mini Live Blogging

Good afternoon everybody! Coming to you live from Kalamazoo -  the smiling-est, punk-iest, chattiest, fashionista chemo gal.

Been in the poked and prodded stage for a few hours now. All the pre-drugs have been doled out and I'm into the proper chemo infusion. (How do ya like the taste of that shit, Mr. Tumor? That's right, drink it all in and DIE DIE DIE!)

Might be feeling a little cheeky today.

My sister is here with me today. Working while I constantly bug her with little anecdotes and conversation.

2:55 PM

It is wiping me out today. One minute away from the end of my infusion and then strapping on that damnable pump for two days. But this does mean that a nap on my couch is only about an hour away.

Nope, more than a minute away apparently. The infusion machine has lied to us! See... *this* is why you come around for the "live" blogging. You never know when the current will change!

3:15 PM
Done. Super wiped. Thank goodness for a super indulgent sister to take care of all the things. Thanks to those for checking in.


  1. love you Victoria, aunt Lenora

  2. Just got home and read the blog....loved the Die, die, die! Hope you've had a lovely nap and are feeling much more refreshed now. Love ya!