Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dropping a Quick Beat

I have absolutely decided that Oxaliplatin is the satan of chemo drugs. At least in my world. Removing it from the cocktail has made differences galore. This was the most tolerant chemotherapy session that I have ever had. Not only did the day of go pretty well but the two days of 5FU pump to follow were also relatively good. No nausea this round, so I'm absolutely calling it a win for my corner. Got my pump off yesterday afternoon and am definitely feeling the positive difference of that today. My energy and focus are almost my own again and I've even made dents in my to-do list.

Admittedly, I am not getting enough rest yet. They put me on steroids a month ago to keep the brain edema (swelling) in check both pre- and post-radiation. I am having all sorts of side effects from the steroid, one of which is keeping me awake and restless. Though the last two days have found me in 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps at least once a day, which helps make up for the six or so hours I get at night. Luckily yesterday was another step down in the steroids. So down to twice a day and I got about ten hours of almost solid sleep last night. Total win and probably also a major factor in my energy and focus earlier today.

Speaking of earlier today... that's when I started this blog post. All sorts of thoughts and such to share. But got side-tracked with lots of other to-do's and calls and what-nots. We all know how the days just get away from us sometimes. Now I can feel the call of an epic nap (woot!) and wanted to drop this post before I let it slip into the ether of the day. Maybe I'll get back to all those thoughts and such to share in the next day or so. I see people are still checking in on me here, which encourages me to try to be a good blogger with entertainment and witticisms to come.

Oh yeah...

and I got a haircut this week to bulk up the layers as my hair starts to thin again. And who doesn't like a great haircut to make you feel wonderful. Plus, my stylist is a great person -- warm, understanding, talented and a joy to spend time with. She set me right up and even sent me home telling me how I made her day. Not sure how I got so lucky to be surrounded with so many good people in my world, but I'm conscious and grateful for it daily.


  1. Very good to hear that you are feeling better and starting to get more sleep. And you will get a whole extra hour Saturday night too! :) Keep on smiling girl....we need you.

    And the haircut looks great.

  2. I like the new doo, but I like that you adjusted the "cocktail" to not make you so sick even more! It's a good thing you have a "Hobby full of hobbies" to occupy your restless time.... but napping is good. Napping is next to Divine!

  3. Hair looks great. Glad you are having an easier time of it this go around. :)

  4. Hair looks great. Glad you are having an easier time of it this go around. :)

  5. Your hair looks FAB! Glad eliminating the oxliplalalapiflan >.< helps. (Why can't they name drugs with one or two syllables like oh...the agent that made me hurl or name it I dunno BOB. or DICK. errr sumthin.)

  6. Nice doo! Praying for you. Aunt Lenora