Monday, November 23, 2015

A Plain and Simple Update

Quite a crazy and busy week it has been. I was up in the far too early hours this morning to have the follow-up MRI scan on my brain. Next Monday late afternoon I will get the results from this and then we will know if the radiation treatment did its job (fingers crossed), and whether there is anything else up there we need to be worried about (knock on wood). I will blog with the info about that either Monday evening or Tuesday. That is also chemo day, so we will see how awake and coherent I am to actually consider writing Monday evening.

I was reminded early last week why it is important to "lean in" on my support network. It has always been a little hard for me to take too much from people. I have often worried about anyone feeling taken advantage of. But I have to recognize that offers are made with open hearts and do as much for the giver as for me. I do know this from the giving side; I have felt that satisfaction from helping and making a difference. And it has been a good week for the leaning in. As a matter of fact, for my chemo next Monday I not only have a ride but also company for infusion. And then another girlfriend is picking me up and staying with me for a couple of days. I'm going to start feeling pretty spoiled pretty quickly.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I'm looking forward to some extended time with my family. I know my sister and I have gotten pretty spoiled with seeing one another every couple of weeks. And it already feels like an age since she was here less than two weeks ago. We will go in to full-on Christmas decorating mode on Friday and Saturday. And then I will come home and do the same again with the Roomie.

A nice quiet day today. The cold I thought I was picking up seems to be clearing with the steroid inhaler that I haven't used for a few weeks. Who knew that medications can actually help the way they're supposed to do? (tongue firmly in cheek) Sunday was a rough day, mostly slept it away. Which was an important way to spend it. The cold mentioned above and a couple of long late days and nights with friends caught up with me. Today I am definitely feeling better on a number of fronts.

I have several notes with ideas and thoughts for blog posts that I hope to get around to sharing soon. Apparently the philosophical me has begun to emerge. This is good, as perhaps it means I'm finding my voice again. I will take that as progress. Something more to be thankful for in this week of giving thanks.

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  1. So happy to hear you found your voice. I very much look forward to hearing more of it. Enjoy being spoiled. You deserve it, and your friends and family need and want to be able to do things for you.