Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Live Chemo Broadcast

11:15 AM
Finally... a chemo morning where I was prepared, on time and shit didn't hit the fan or go wrong. The last three times I've been in for treatment (or to try for treatment), there's been any number of things that have been problematic. First time my alarm was set incorrectly but luckily I was so overtly prepared that we weren't running more than five minutes late. Same morning the coffee shop stopped carrying my favorite breakfast item, and I spilled half my coffee. Second return for chemo I not only spilled half my lunch into the garbage bag and all over the floor of the doctor's office, but my counts were too low to get treatment. The third trip to get the second treatment I completely forgot my numbing cream and was just not as prepared.

This morning I was prepared, up on time, got the breakfast and coffee I wanted, was on time for appointments, numbed up everything so I haven't felt a single needle poke, and I have lovely company for the entire session. Thank goodness for a successful chemo morning. Now I'm a bit doubly anxious about my afternoon appointment with my radiation oncologist and the results from my latest brain MRI. I just can't imagine the day is going to go swimmingly from start to finish.

So as for the chemo this morning. I'm all hooked up and through the first couple of pre-chemo counter-active drugs.

1:45 PM
My second friend, and companion for the next couple of days showed up a bit ago. And after a jaunty bit of conversation amoung the three of us, we were informed of the policy of only one visitor per patient in the infusion room. Harumph! So I've bid adieu to my morning companion and now preparing to finish out the treatment session here.

2:30 PM
All finished up with the chemo treatment. My lovely 5FU pump is back on boon companion status for the next 48 hours. Now to research take-out options for dinner and get downstairs to meet with my radiation oncologist for the results from my brain MRI. I'll update either here, or a separate post, this evening to share the results from that meeting.

So I'm calling it out for this "live" blogging edition this round. Hope you're all having fantabulous days out there.


  1. Hoping that your day does, indeed, go swimmingly from start to finish!