Saturday, December 5, 2015

Are you Pondering what I'm Pondering?

A bit behind in posting the update from my latest MRI brain scan. The takeaway is all good news. No new brain metastases, shrinkage on three of the four tumors that were radiated, and the fourth one is not showing up on the scan at all. My radiation oncologist says that the tumors will continue to shrink over the next couple of months from the initial radiation. And there will be follow-up MRIs every three months to see where things are.

What else, what else?

Had a wonderful friend come in and stay with me for the beginning of this week while I was on pump and recovering from Monday's chemo session. Lots of fantastic conversations and she was perfectly content to let me nap for hours and hours. So, yeah... the napping is finally back in action. Which is kind of nice, but it does mean that I'm a bit more wiped out with each session that comes along. We all knew that was going to happen though from past history. Continuing to have zero nausea issues with this round of chemo, which is fantastic. My appetite is finally starting to wane a bit. But I do make sure to eat and there is that buffer of self-indulgence from the last couple of months. Otherwise, beyond the tiredness, still seem to be tolerating this round pretty well.

More company and time with friends the rest of this week and weekend as well. It's been rather a lovely week overall. I finally booked my flight to NYC today! So I'll be hitting the Big City for the first time ever right when it is dressed up in all its holiday glory. I'll be visiting with several friends while I'm out there and road-tripping home with one of my best girls. I suspect it will be a pretty brilliant trip. Again and again I am reminded the ways in which I am blessed by my friends and family and the opportunities that have presented themselves. My job, and joy, is to embrace all.