Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back to the gypsy that I was...

So we are back on the chemo pump again. I'm continuing with my naming practice to attempt an amount of befriending in my mind. This one is Jarvis. Too bad it doesn't talk to me.

This makes session two of this third round in a row. However, it does appear that a break from it may very well happen after the end of this round. Which, and this is where the mixed news comes into the picture, will be into August at this point. I received a phone call last week that my radiation oncologist wanted to see me soon. Odd, considering I had no reason to hear from her until my next MRI in July. Turns out that when my case was brought up to the tumor board two weeks ago, they decided that they wanted to address the left secondary metastatic tumor that has increased in uptake and size in the last three months. It could be that this tumor is clone cells and could have already mutated to no longer react to the chemotherapy regimen. However, no tumor can escape the wrath of radiation. We (my medical team and I) have always taken an aggressive tack in regards to my treatment. Being as healthy and young as I was from the beginning of all this, I've been able to handle and bounce back from everything we've thrown at me. So we continue to stay aggressive.

This means that we are going to shoehorn in some radiation in the middle of this chemo round. At first we were only going to radiate the left tumor, but after another meeting we've decided to do two small stereotactic radiation fields on both the primary and the secondary tumors, left and right. Because why not? It will absolutely have an effect and, if we are very lucky, will turn the tumors into scar tissue and no longer metabolically active tumors.

I have already been in for my CT simulation to get my triad of tattooed dots across my chest and to establish my breathing pattern and movement so the radiation fields can be made as small as possible. I'll start the radiation treatment next week. It will be a course of 15 sessions over three weeks time. I'll have to go in every weekday for about 30 minutes or so. Which means I am K'zoo bound for a little while. I will restart the chemo at the very end of June and should finish mid-August. If the PET scan in August shows excellent reaction to these treatments, then we are definitely taking a treatment break for a couple/few months. My guess is that there will be another PET scan three months after the August one, and we will see what activity there is (or isn't, fingers crossed) and make new decisions at that point. Meanwhile I am already making plans for trips to Paris, California, and possibly Italy in the fall and early winter. Exciting times possibly coming up!

Also meanwhile, I'm in the middle of the moving process. My roomie and I have decided that after a fabulous year of living together we are both ready for a change. By the end of this week I will have moved back into Kalamazoo proper with a pair of wonderful new roommates. Everyone all around is excited for the move and the changes. And the first batch of boxes has already been dropped off. Another beautiful new chapter is beginning.

My lovely chemo buddy puzzling
over the puzzles.

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  1. Wow, you are a rock. So glad you are my niece. I love you, Aunt Lenora.