Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trips and Pets and Weddings, oh my

Happy May to everyone. It's a lovely sunny, warm day here, and as they always do, these days lift my mind and spirit. I've been a very busy girl again lately. Went to spend some time with one of my best gals in Lexington a week and a half ago. Had a great time exploring that lovely city. Spent most of a day taking pictures in the cemetary and also found an amazing resale shop where I picked up more items than planned. Had a perfect couple of nights on the town and another perfectly relaxing one just hanging out together. Then this past weekend, her and I headed to St. Louis to attend the wedding of some good local friends originally from that area. On the way down we stopped to visit some very dear friends that I hadn't seen in ages. A wine-soaked night of catching up ensued.

The wedding was positively wonderful. Everyone was impeccably dressed, though the groom's adoration outshone all else except for the bride's beauty. Rain drove the ceremony inside, but the punctuative nature of the storm was perfect throughout. Starting with the deluge only beginning just as the bride began to walk down the aisle. Apparently, the gods approved. Our table companions were friends and strangers and the conversation flowed easily. The DJ was great and most everyone got their dance on. Just a wonderful time and I was honored to be invited. Drove very close to the arch a couple of times, but otherwise had no time to visit the city proper. We did chat about making a future trip to do so though.

Health front wise: I started my third round of chemotherapy yesterday after getting some very positive results from my latest PET scan. It appears that the primary metastatic lung tumor has reduced uptake from 13.6 down to 7.0! I was hoping that it would be down to the single digits, but this was far more than my cautious optimism expected. If the chemo continues to have this strong of an effect then we may very well be looking at radiation and a treatment break in the fall. My oncologist took my case to the tumor group today and at my next appointment in two weeks we will discuss what they had to suggest. My optimism has been cautious lately, but these latest scan results and the continued work my doctor is doing has my hope outshining the caution again.

So yes, another round of chemo has begun. Still on pump for the first one, but feeling somewhat chipper still. Likely helps that I'm not too far up from an easy afternoon nap. No serious issues with these last few rounds. Long as this good toleration continues, I'm expecting a continued busy and wonderful spring.

I've noticed these last couple of blog posts that it is getting simpler and faster for me to write. I believe much of this has come from my truly being more open and honest about my journey through cancer and the rest of this life. I'm not trying to be entertaining or epiphanize, though that may occasionally accidentally happen. Perhaps if I had more epiphanies then I would be writing more often. Or if I sat still enough in one place. *smirk*  With that said, until the next time I sit my butt down, adios my dear ones.


  1. Great news! Glad to hear, you just keep living life to its fullest, it is what God intended. Love you Aunt Lenora.