Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I got some wild, wild life

Good evening people of the internet. A few bits of news to catch you all up on, and ongoing adventures to follow.

I had another brain MRI last week and received the results on Friday. All good news. First off - no new tumors! Woot!! Secondly, the large tumor on my occipital lobe has stabilized and there is still no evidence of the other three small tumors. So it looks like the radiation did its job. Of course there will still be MRIs every three months just because.

Had my first EEG this past Friday as well. Trying to decide if I need to stay on the anti-seizure medication I've been on since my "episode" back at the end of September. Sounds like the neurologist wants to keep me on it for now. But I will be meeting with him again next month to talk more about it. Despite staying awake all night in order to be able to sleep on demand for the EEG, I failed to fall asleep on demand. Though I was falling asleep at the beginning until they woke me up with flashing lights and breathing exercises and a very uncomfortable lump of towel for a pillow. Ah well. Appears they got what they needed for the scan anyway.

On the chemo front... fifth session for this round is in process. Monday was infusion and I've still got this pump on. I haven't named this one because I've been too busy packing many, many bags. My toleration is okay this time around. Pretty loopy on Monday, but peppy enough today to be productive.

So what am I packing for? Most of you already know the answer to this - the great Pennsic War. Two weeks of camping in a medieval pavilion in the hills of Pennsylvania with more than 10,000 other SCA folks. As this is my only camping event for this year, I'm just that much extra stoked about it this time around. I've got a half filled car and am currently surrounded by almost enough bags and baskets in my room to fill the rest of it. Not much left to do except play Tetris with it all tomorrow. First time packing for this event in the new Subaru and I'm hoping it all fits.

When I return in two and a half weeks from my vacation, I'll have the last chemo session for this round. Probably first of September for my next PET scan to determine whether we take a break or continue with more chemo. Obviously I will keep you informed as that all comes to pass. Until then, I hope everyone finds some joy in these coming weeks. And for those of you headed to Pennsic, I look forward to seeing you very soon!

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