Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wait... What?

You are probably expecting some information about my MRI. But I am here to tell you that I was entirely wrong about my own schedule. We will just blame it on the chemo brain and continue to pretend that I'm not getting older and just forgetting stuff.

So... I *did* have a brain thing scheduled for last week. But it was just a meeting with the neurologist to discuss keeping me on or taking me off the anti-seizure medication I have been on since my "episode" that led us to the first MRI that found the brain tumors. As I was alone when I passed out last September, no one can know if I actually had a seizure or just passed out. I've reduced the dosage and they are uncertain if I am now taking enough, or if it is even needed since I have had no other episodes or vertigo or issues with my head. I'm scheduled for an EEG (both awake and sleeping) at the end of next week. Which will be when I also get the results from my next MRI which is this coming Monday. And yes, I even just double checked my schedule so I don't fib again.

Before then, however, we have a new chemo pump (Margaret). Yesterday was chemo session number four - only two more to go for this round. My best girl was with me again and made sure I was properly fed, watered, entertained and safely deposited back home to sleep like crazy. Other than a woozy head and a rumbly tummy yesterday, my toleration this round is very good. I ate a whole dinner last night and even three meals today. My hydration levels are fantastic as my many, many middle of the night potty breaks made clear. I have reached that point where I am completely tired of this weight hanging off my shoulder and counting the hours until tomorrow afternoon when I'll be free of this infernal device. Margaret, you're a bit of a pain in the ass; properly named. As this is the poem by your namesake that led me to your naming.

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

Between all the medical stuff I was able to get in some more excellent family time and some wonderful catching up with my aunt from Texas. There were a couple of solid days hanging out with some of my girls. And this weekend I was honored to attend an "adventure" wedding of some dear friends. Bride-napping, spell casting, art, spontaneity, flash mob, a serenade, kidnapping, a pirate battle, harmony, toasts, vows, dancing, and smiles from face to face everywhere. Such a memorable day with many amazing people. And *after* all that, I even got to visit a museum and get some of my photography on. Whew!

This is why I am excited to wake up every day. Even on the tough days when I am literally weighed down by my disease. There seems to be some possible happiness around most every corner. I am always seeking it. Turn your face to the light my friends... be it the warm sun, the growing moon, or the love-light around you... seek the happy, or create it with your smile.


  1. I have always enjoyed reading your blog, seeing that you are thriving as you live with this disease. Tonight I am sitting with an ice pack on my breast to calm the ache from yesterday's biopsy, and a glass of wine to quiet down the 'what ifs' as I wait for results. This post was just what I needed to get my head out of a pointless place.

    I have been paring down commitments, saying 'not now' to opportunities, living half a life in fear of something that may not even be. I see it's silly now.

    I'm going to show up to rehearsal tomorrow--even though I won't be able to dance yet. I can start learning the choreography, for I'll need to know it come September.


    1. These words make me so happy. Thank you for sharing. Keep me updated on the biopsy results if you would please. And have fun a rehearsal!

  2. Love you Victoria, keep up the happy life! Love you, Aunt Lenora.