Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dance Your Cares Away

It has been a pretty excellent weekend around here. Attended a murder mystery party Friday evening at one of my closest friends' homes and had a wonderful time. There were lots of accusations, pointed fingers, hilarious exchanges and a steady flow of wine and gin. We took far longer than the rules show for each "round" of the game and a couple of people were keeping one page ahead and confusing the rest of us in our prior round ignorance. It was a fun (and late!) night all around and I think all of us who attended are looking forward to the next one sometime down the road. Needless to say there was much sleeping in on Saturday. Followed by a lazy brunch and afternoon. Just the rest I needed to be prepared to dance the night away. The monthly dance party at a local bar here in town was full of familiar faces and fun people. As always, the eclectic music mix kept us on our toes and having a grand time.

It's a quiet Sunday around the house. And I kind of wish today was a second Saturday so that I could head to a local watering hole and watch some live music. Ah well... there is housework to finish up and rest to be found.

I'm impatiently awaiting my Tuesday afternoon appointment with my primary oncologist. That's when I'll get the results from the most recent PET scan and we'll talk about what the next steps are in this process. I am looking forward to planning a vacation and other getaways in the upcoming months. All this snow and cold has me hankering to get out of it and into warmer climes. But all planning is on hold until we know what the next few months look like treatment-wise. And those answers should start coming in just a couple of days.

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  1. I will wear my purple tomorrow for you ... and for me. Love you sweetie! HUGS