Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Short Update

Started the new year at a terrific party and had a tremendously fun time playing a flapper. The biggest news so far this year is that I have a nephew, Ryker Bruce Lee born on January 4. He's adorable and I'm looking forward to spending some time with my sister and him next week. I was there for the day and I must say that it was awfully nice to be in a hospital and on the other side of the bed for once. Everyone is doing well and they're home and already getting a few hours of sleep at night. It's a pretty exciting endeavor.

I saw my thoracic surgeon yesterday for a follow-up visit and x-ray. Everything looks good and she seemed pleased with my recovery. I told her about some pain I've been having and she was concerned about a possible blood clot. A couple of hours and a CT scan later, and everything looks clear with no evidence of a clot. And she didn't see anything on the CT scan that concerned her. This makes me feel pretty hopeful about my next PET scan, which is near the end of this month. So a few more weeks before we have any real news about where things are and what the next step will be.

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