Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Maybe if I spin around a bit?

Here we are again, radioactive with no place to go... and no superpowers yet. My childhood diet (and frankly adulthood too) of comic books, movies and science fiction is not holding up to my modern medical experience. I should absolutely have a great new skin color and some nifty special ability by now. Alas, no.

Fourth PET scan in the bag though. Did find out something fascinating about the radioactive thing today. It's funny how different techs/nurses/doctors share information; you are always getting only a majority of the information available. There's some five or ten percent that they don't think to share, don't really think about, or don't think you need to know. One of the techs today was a young woman who had a baby in the last six months. So she asked if I had children, and I said no but that I did have an infant nephew. She let me know that I give off that radioactivity in this day, and should reduce my exposure to little ones. Who knew! So maybe someone should hang out arm in arm with me each time and we can see if you get the superpowers.

They sent me home with a copy of today's PET scan on CD, but I don't have the computer program to read it or the knowledge of what the hell I was looking at anyway. I see the first of two oncologists on the 29th and will have results then. Fingers crossed, the results will show no evidence of cancer. But we'll know when we know. In the meantime I am not going to waste my precious time fretting.

I had the opportunity of hanging out with many friends in one of my favorite spaces this weekend. It was a little odd though, since last year at this same event was when I started to let the word out about my cancer. And it was the first time I'd seen some of my closest friends since they found out. The hugs and cuddles were extra long and almost forceful at that time. Last year I also had an important conversation that day which led me to my amazing thoracic surgeon. The event was another reminder of what a long and portentous year I've had. But there I was again, feeling good and having a wonderful time in a marvelous space, warmed by the fires and friends. Reminds me that it has all been worth it.

It got bloody cold in the last couple of days. Winter finally decided to settle in properly. Snow and wind and cold. Don't much care for the cold. So after a morning of being scanned and running errands in this chilly weather, I came home and made comfort foodstuffs. Been huddling by the space heater and catching up on email and web work while inhaling warm rice pudding and hot tea. Probably move to the sofa soon, after whipping up some cheddar broccoli soup, and cozy up with blankets and a book. Good times.

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  1. I had a little minute this year too. Last year on the drive to Three Walls I kept thinking...I just want to get there. I just want to hug her. (Sorry if swooping you off your feet was a bit much!) This year the drive wasn't so intense and I kept my shit together till you gave the toast at dinner and then there were the tears.