Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy Girl

Another week at my sister's and helping take care of my nephew in the bag. That makes 3 weeks out of his 7 weeks old that I've been there. Already I am impressed by how much he has changed each time I show up. It will be almost a whole month before I make it out there again, and I'm certain that I almost won't recognize him by that point. This aunt stuff so far is pretty cool. Mostly I'm getting the opportunity to hang out more with my sister, but that is good stuff indeed.

Got home earlier today from a quick trip down to Kentucky for the weekend. Had just enough time after getting home from my sister's on Friday to un- and re-pack quickly before getting back on the road. A lot of hours on the road, but plenty of quality time with friends and good folks. Nothing like dressing up with your closest friends to make for a good time. Got home late this afternoon, unpacked fully and have been spending some quality time with the neglected kitties. The crew hit a great barbecue place last night and I picked up extra to bring home. So dinner was a breeze tonight. And doubling down on good barbecue isn't a bad thing, especially when it's good smoked brisket.

I've got six days here at the house before I pack my bags again for another trip. At this point next week I'll be winding down from a full day of travel and initial sightseeing in D.C. with two of my best girlfriends. In the very short interim I have a theatre date, lots of laundry to do, local bands to see, a possible birthday event, and many errands. There has been very little standing still in this year so far. I am glad, however, for the busy- and full-ness of the year. The doctors will get a hold of me again soon and I'll run out of steam in the coming months. So I'm getting it all in now while I'm at full capacity.

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