Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Good Days

I've been taking advantage of these good days recently. Other than the last couple of seemingly random back pain incidents I'm feeling about 100% lately. I know chemo will be starting sometime in the next few weeks however. So I'm reveling in the "feel good" current moments. Been keeping busy visiting with friends, doing some pre-spring cleaning culling, and researching accommodations and activities for an upcoming trip to Washington D.C. at the beginning of March. Two of my best girlfriends and I all turn/turned 40 in the first three months of this year. We had been discussing a mutual birthday party or some other kind of celebration. We've settled on a trip together out to D.C. I think I may be the only one of us who hasn't been out there before, so I'm pretty stoked for the trip. I'm always pretty excited to go somewhere or do something that's new to me. We will be hitting a few museums, likely some strolls along the mall and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Heading back out to my sister's again on Monday. This will be my last chance to head up there while she is still on maternity leave. After she is back to work my visits to help with my nephew will likely be on weekends. Until he is sleeping solid through the nights (which can be a few months), they are very happy to have me coming up and taking night shifts. I feel genuinely lucky to have the freedom to help out so much and be a part of the beginning of this new chapter in their life. A decade ago neither my sister or I would have guessed that we would become so close and such good friends to one another. It is a blessing.

The sun was shining bright and long a couple of days ago. I opened all the blinds in the house, had some upbeat music playing and was dancing around the house accomplishing chores. I was all smiles and feeling particularly happy. I stopped in one moment and felt inordinately lucky to be able to have that happiness and this life. That sense of fortune washed over me and I simply sat with it for a short time. I am so glad that I am able to experience the enjoyment in most any moment and to find the "grandness" in even small things. I promise myself that I will always attempt to live my best and to the fullest. No matter what tries to get in my way (stupid cancer!).

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  1. Been checking everyday since the last post, so glad to see something up. At the same time, I do like seeing that there seems to be less and less cancer drama in your life. I hope this is a trend. I would wish for you that all these good days morph into a continuous good day, and that you would never know another bad one. Not the most realistic wish in the world, but I will still make it. Was wonderful seeing you at Val Day. Would like to see more of you, but glad glad glad that you aren't stuck at home. You are much harder to stalk now that you are feeling better! ;-) Xen.