Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Big 4-0

That's right folks, I am 40 today. And damn proud of it. You go through a cancer diagnosis and all of a sudden age is completely irrelevant. At this point I will be thankful for each birthday that I can put under my belt. All this last year doctors and nurses and such have been telling me that I am so "young and healthy" (outside the cancer thing of course). And it was a pretty nice reassurance to hear constantly. So this milestone kind of seems like nothing in comparison to everything else I've had to learn to overcome.

Got a second opinion from my secondary oncologist yesterday. He suggests that we do another 6 treatments (3 months) of chemo. I've only done 6 treatments so far, which is a half course in a typical treatment course for my cancer. I remember early conversations last year and everyone talking about a full six months of chemo by the time we were done with treatment. So completing the second half would put me in that original range.

Called the local cancer center today and I hope they can get me started the last week of this month. Won't know more until after the 18th when my primary oncologist is back in town. He's in Germany at the moment. Which reminds me that I would love to start my own far flung adventures soon, but it looks like at least another few months before we can start planning those.

It feels pretty good, however, to know what the next course of treatment entails. I hope it goes as relatively easy as my last set of chemo. One more reason to look forward to the coming of spring. I certainly hope that this year brings renewal in all the best sense of the word.

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