Monday, July 9, 2012

Heavy Metal

One little metal staple does a lot to weigh you down. Not as much as the dozen plus I started with, but it still kinda sucked. And today I am officially staple-free! Saw my butt doctor again today and he removed the final, damnable staple that was holding me back from taking over the world... err... from sitting on cushions with some semblance of comfort. Had me feeling particularly peppy this afternoon. He also suggested (after a month of using one), that a butt donut was not the best choice for good healing. Puts too much pressure in the region. Kind of wish he'd said something anytime in the last two visits so I wasn't running around with my red scarlet B (yes, the cushion is red) under my arm all the time. So here's hoping that just a regular cushion will work, and be less pain on my back since I'll be better able to properly lean back in seating.

Feeling better every day post first chemo session. But no real new news other than I GOT MY STAPLE OUT! That is all, and good night to you.


  1. Dance queen now off leash,
    "Shock collar" staple removed,
    Time to boogie down.


    1. Nice haiku! Still have some healing to do 'down under' before the leash is off too.