Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Started working with my yoga DVD again yesterday. It's been over two months since the last time I've been on the mat, and I am so very out of shape. Yet I made it through the entire forty-five minute routine. Granted there were a LOT of modifications to poses, and I had to sit out in child pose several times. Tree pose is looking awfully stumpy at the moment and there is no gentle flowing. It's like the Elaine Benet dance in slow motion and a sports bra. My strength and flexibility will increase each day I practice. But it is rough and I was awfully sore today in my shoulders and legs while trying to get through it again. The sense of accomplishment at the end was worth the strain. It feels awfully good to be able to almost do something physical and normal again.

Clearly there have been strides in my range of motion since the final staple removal a couple of weeks ago. I almost move at normal people speed and I no longer generate grimaces of concern in the folks around me every time I gently plant my tush. I can even get up to half an hour of sitting in one position... now that's progress people! Saw my surgeon again today and he seemed very pleased with the healing progress since our last appointment. The time frame for initial recovery from this operation is about three months and I have to remind myself that it has only been two. There is still at least one "Dammit!" moment in each day where I can't believe that something so simple is actually hard or impossible at the moment. My body has somehow forgotten that I am a superwoman who can accomplish all. These daily ego dashes are probably good for my soul, but dammit are they annoying.

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  1. Yay! for you! I know I always feel better after a karate work out. Or gardening. Or any kind of working in the yard, actually. The physical activity lifts my mood, and helps me sleep better at night. Here's to more Yoga for you!