Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching up

Well, that was a bit of a stretch from post to post. Been out and about getting in some good visiting most of this week. Headed over to the east side of the state to see several of my favorite people for a couple of days. I like being able to jump in the car and be on the road for a while. Other than needing a break every hour and a half or so, my butt does pretty good anymore. And I find something even more poignant than before about the open road stretching out before me. It feels good to drift along to music while the landscape passes by. There's the sense of freedom and movement of course, but also this sense of a pocket of escape, of no-thingness while alone in the car. It can sometimes feel like a buffered sacred space. And all under my simple physical control. There is focus (there must be of course), but there is a languishing as well. Ease and control in perfect balance.

I'm really feeling the traveling bug. Must be some cabin fever from the last few weeks. I want to see new things, to experience them with good people, to talk, to touch, to feel enlivened. I would really love to jump a plane and travel somewhere far away, to walk through an age-old city, to feel other and curious about all the unknown around, to cling to my companion while we muddle through and laugh at ourselves. An every other chemo week schedule makes that a little difficult to plan right now. And I never know when my stupid body will decide to have a fit and try to ruin my good time. Like yesterday. I was trying to have a lovely visit with friends and my tummy decided it was not happy and to cramp for most of the day. Bearable until later in the afternoon when it just wouldn't give up and invited my back join the ache party. Oh well. I bullied through it until home, where I popped a pain pill, turned the heated mattress pad on high and snuggled deep in bed until it all passed. Felt so very good to be warm and cozy with an entertaining trashy book in hand. A brief hibernation and I got up this morning feeling worlds better.

Soon as my schedule frees up from the every other week treatments, I am certainly going to be planning some excursions. Maybe somewhere southward this winter where it's warm and there is family. Maybe out to some city on the east or west coast. It would be pretty cool to see New York City decked out for the Christmas season. Who knows, and I don't really care as long as it is new and an adventure.

Today has mostly been a lazy Sunday. There's bean and barley soup with lamb reheating on the stove; so dinner is a no-work affair. Had lovely afternoon tea with two of my best gals. Think I'll catch up on some good TV show while I work on baby shower stuff for the evening. Not a bad end cap for a really good week.

PET scan results and more chemo on Tuesday. Keep an eye out for an update that afternoon.

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