Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

This was a pretty fantastic weekend for a last hurrah before my next surgery and the low of recovery. Got to see the university's production of Spring Awakening with a hot blonde date Friday night. They did a decent job with it, and I'm a big fan of that show and how it starkly deals with some harsh issues. It's a passionate piece. Then a terrific party full of wonderful people (and a great band) for most of Saturday. Plenty of great food, a chill atmosphere, *lots* of good porter, music by the fire, *more* porter, conversation, cuddling, and drunken Scrabble. Woke up to friends and love and laughter this morning. Hit Zingerman's on the way home for tasty bread and treats. My hair still smells of bonfire smoke and I'm good and tired from a beer-soaked late night. Life is damned good.

I'll be getting my house in order this week, cleaning and organizing and laundry. Don't want to have anything to fuss over when I get back home from the hospital. Plus another trip to Ypsi for a CT scan, and a bit of visiting as well. (That drive across I-94 is becoming awfully familiar.) A busy week which I am certain will fly by. Before I know it I'll again be in oh-so-fashionable hospital gowns. My brain is already circling with all the thoughts that come when a surgery looms. I keep focusing on the fact that I'll be surrounded by people whom I love before and after. And I have complete trust in my surgeon. It's all good, it's all good, it's all good...

I was hoping to have more to say, but I'm pretty darn tired and my book is beckoning for a nightcap in bed. Expect to see another post following my Tuesday scan.


  1. It IS all gonna be good. Excited that this might be coming to a close. Thinking about you just about everyday. Have Rob let us know what is going on with your hospitalization (IE,how surgery went after and how long you will be stuck there.


  2. Same here, nosy, caring friends wanna know :-)