Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's raining babies

Been consumed with baby shower stuff for the last few days. Finished up all my parts of the crafty decorations and things at home Wednesday and Thursday. Then scooted up to my sister's house. We've been running all the errands and getting favors and decorations ready to go. Last night her best friend came over and we had a great girls night making tons of caramel corn and finishing the favors. Of course we had to make an extra double batch at the end so each of us could have a big bag to keep for ourselves. It's pretty damn tasty stuff.

The shower is going to look great. The theme is fall with pumpkins and leaves in oranges and browns with blue "it's a boy" things. Should be classy and cute at the same time. My sister seems pretty happy with everything, and that is what really matters. Trying to make it a great day for her. All this prepping for the nephlet stuff has been fun and I'm looking forward to when he comes around at the beginning of the year. Got to feel the baby kick, which was weird but cool. Think that probably sums up the baby making experience from my perspective. Pregnancy is certainly a strange experience but also fascinatingly interesting. Our bodies do some amazing things. And I'm pretty excited for my sis and her husband. They're going to have a blast being parents and I know he'll be growing up in a terrific environment.

Nothing new on the cancer side of things. Another week off of chemo and I'm feeling about 90%. If it wasn't for the fits of tiredness here and there and the twinges in my fingers I'd almost say things are normal. Still feeling really optimistic about possibly moving on to the next step in treatment. I've already scheduled the surgery consult with my cardio-thoracic doctor in another week. Hopefully she'll agree that it's time to resect the evil things and get moving forward.

The next couple of weekends are full of events and gatherings with lots of great people. I've got a sewing project to work on for the next week. Crafty things and sewing to do before the nephew arrives in just another nine weeks. Some neglected books I'd like to finish. My days are starting to be busy enough again. I just really need to take the time for yoga every morning. Been remiss in sticking with it. Also haven't been to the gym in many months, and I want to start getting my strength and flexibility back. Easing my way back into the swing of regular things again. And so the shifting stages of treatment and recovery continue. This feels like a really good place right now.

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