Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kittens and Butterflies

It has already been a busy week around here. Plans were thrown awry Monday evening when we heard a kitten crying in the garage. Turns out that someone came by and dropped a 2-3 month old kitten wrapped in a shirt through the pane-less window of our garage door. There are some heartless people out there. We are just glad that we heard her crying and were able to bring her in and out of the cold night. So the evening turned into kitten care and trying to keep the other two cats from freaking out. She had really red-rimmed eyes with discharge that we cleaned up, then fed and watered her and showed her the litter box. Once she was warm and cleaned up she settled right in. I'm not sure why someone just dumped one kitten, and one this old and clearly weaned and somewhat socialized. She had no fear or issues with the other cats and took to exploring quickly. She's an adorable orange tabby with a gregarious personality. Took her to the vet, who said that she has a cold which we got medication for. Already lined up a possible family for her as well. Though she is sweet and we would not be disappointed if she ended up becoming part of the household.

Then I was out of town all day yesterday. Got my pre-op CT scan and preparation instructions. Had to sign one of those forms that declared I understood all the risks and possible complications... that's some scary shit to read. Oddly enough, I never had any worried thoughts before my first surgery in May. But this time around I am; not sure exactly why that is. The first time I was mainly thinking about how I would be different after the surgery and they removed large pieces from within my body. This surgery is taking out far less and will leave me with little more than three new tiny scars. Maybe it is because we're dealing with far more important organs this time around, and that the hilar lymph nodes are nestled so near the heart and major arteries. Maybe I just better understand what I'm getting into with surgery this time. I had no personal frame of reference in May; just knew it was going to be an ordeal. Don't know the reason, but I'm nervously watching the days fly by.

Today I'm taking care of any and all laundry that could possibly need doing. Catching up and prepping email and online stuff for me to be AWOL for at least two days (probably won't post again until the weekend). Soon I'll be dusting and vacuuming. Likely go through and clear any perishable stuff out of the fridge and pantry tomorrow, and packing. We'll be out of the house for almost a week and I don't want to have anything to deal with when I get back home. I'll be pulling out the Ample Pantry gift certificates and taking friends up on food offers for the first few days back. The first week or so of recovery from the first surgery was pretty rough. I suspect this one will be easier and faster, but I would rather prep for the possibility that I may not be moving much for a few days.

Busy in mind and body. I am still excited that we are at the next step in this process though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that pathology comes back negative and we fast track the surgery for the other lung a couple of weeks after this one. And just like that my November is gone before it even starts. But, that puts me one month closer to being well again.


  1. Your support system is craaa-zy good, but if there is any thing at all week can do, PLEASE ask. That goes for Hubby too.

    Sending you smooth sailing vibes.


  2. You have been and will be in my thoughts. You are so strong and the Goddess surely has you in her hands. Your surgeons are where they are because they are the best. Trust them. Be of good cheer that you will soon be well and look back at all of this as an inconvenient adventure. I would consider it a great honor to come and cook for you and Rob when you come home. You know my number.

    Much love and hope...


  3. Keeping you with us in our hearts and prayers.

  4. WooHoo! Ask Mr. CrankyPants to please update us as often as possible. You DO have an awesome support network and I am honored to be part of that. Leslie and I are on call for post surgery cooking, chores, what have you. Please use us. Ohhhh yeahhhhh baby, I love it when you use me...ohhhhh yeahhhhhh.


    PS, the safe-word is "ass-cancer sucks"....

  5. I leave for a week and here you are in surgery today! You're probably already through, weaker but with fewer nasty tumors. I am thinking of you, my strong but buffeted friend. A hurricane reference, that is. Please let us know as soon as you are able that you are all right. Love,


  6. Everyone at WMUK is thinking about you!


  7. Thinking about you and Rob and wishing I could be there to smile at and hug both of you. We're here if you need us. If wishes were'd be whole and healthy and bouncing around the room.