Sunday, November 11, 2012

Indian Summer

There have been some lovely, mildly warm, sun-filled days in the last week. Possibly even hitting a record high in the low seventies today. After a late breakfast this morning, we went and took a brief walk along one of the park trails. I'm supposed to be up to a mile every day by the end of week. (Exercise = deep breathing = lung recovery) Easy work for me as I'm used to 4-6 mile walks on a daily basis before all of the chaos of this year. But even just the 3/4 mile today was making my side pretty twinge-y by the end. Baby steps, and the constant challenge of not allowing myself to go overboard.

I thrive in the sunshine. There seems to me such promise and expectant energy in these days. Especially as I know that they are the last such days we will see for many months. So it is hard to hold myself back from jumping out there for an especially long walk or some other outside activity that is likely entirely too taxing on my body at this moment. Even though my mind says GO and I mostly feel okay, I know that slow but steady is the proper way to handle the day. Those of you that know me very well know that this is a tremendous act of restraint. Instead I sit at the table where the biggest strip of sunshine plays across the house, and bask like a cat in the rays with the last warm wind blowing through.

No news on the medical front. I should have a second lung surgery date tomorrow. But until that time, the next week or two should be pretty good ones as long as I don't overdo anything. There are plenty of little projects around the house to keep me busy and out of trouble. As a matter of fact there is an embroidery project that I really need to get working on very soon.

I have been home for just a couple of days and have spent a good majority of that time visiting with local peeps. I was only out of town for one week, but it seems like there was a lot of catching up to do. Feels like we got a lot accomplished around the house this weekend as well. And to end my weekend I got this excellent fortune cookie fortune: "A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon." Can't wait for it.


  1. We were outside the entire weekend building garden beds, mulching paths and consiously lapping up the last few days of warmth.

    Glad you caught some of those rays too!


    1. That is most excellent to hear. Hope you two are doing well. Miss you.