Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tap your heels together...

My ride should be back to pick me up in the next three hours or so to head back home. I've been chilling for the last day at one of my other 'homes,' this one in Ypsi and just a few miles from the hospital. This time under more friendly supervision from my doctor buddy and his lovely wife. They even let me sleep for an uninterrupted nine hours! No middle of the night poking or prodding, or five a.m. blood pressure checking. The last thing they really let you do in the hospital is rest properly.

I'd say that this was a rough stint in the hospital. But they've all been rough in their own ways. So I guess I should just say that it was another typical stint in the hospital. Issues with getting pain under control, especially balanced with nausea or utter loopiness from the narcotics. And of course the narcotic pain meds also cause constipation, which always slows up the discharge process (*snert* on the unintended double entendre). No rest, or at least not enough rest; and yet it feels like all I do is try to nap. And boredom, especially when I'm in there that final day when I don't really need to be in there anymore. It's not really so much boredom as it is frustration. I'm not likely going to be doing anything more exciting at home, but at least I would have the freedom of being home.

I expect a phone call tomorrow or Monday from my thoracic surgeon's office setting up a date for the next surgery. A short two to three weeks away. This will be a take two version of what was just done, but on the left side. (Here's to symmetrical scars!) It's highly likely I could end up in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Fun. Guess we'll just have to hold off on planning any holiday endeavors until I know.

Doing pretty well with the recovery so far. Still some soreness at the incision sites, and especially in the chest tube area. I don't notice it all the time, probably only about 70%. But it is very bearable and just a couple of ibuprofen takes care of it if it starts to bother me. I've got a set of instructions on exercises and stretches to do in the next couple of weeks. And I'll need to find a warm place to start walking every day. Prep for the next one to make sure that I'm recovered as best I can in the short time available.

Extraordinarily glad to be heading back home tonight. Hospital beds are not the comfiest things to sleep in for days on end. I miss my kitties and my own space. It will be awfully nice to wake up at my leisure in the morning and have some tasty Water Street coffee to start the day. And I'm really thinking it may be a matinee afternoon to see me some Bond, some tasty James Bond.


  1. excellent title for this post!! :)

  2. Ditto on the tasty, tasty James Bond.