Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a Date

Lung surgery two is officially on the calendar now. I'll be headed back to Ypsilanti and St. Joe's Friday, November 30. Another early morning Friday surgery, but hopefully this time with less than a week in the hospital. Since we know that poop is the critical factor for discharge, I'll be making sure they've started the 'moving agents' on day two this time around. Ideally this will speed up the process and save me that additional full day of just waiting for things to happen. Of course that is assuming that everything else goes to plan and there are no additional issues or complications. Fortunately this time I am going in with confidence. None of the worries I had last time. I'm expecting things to go smoothly and to get this critical step in treatment behind me.

Not sure what is on the roster following however. I'll be pushing to meet with a medical oncologist while I am there for a second opinion on follow-up chemotherapy and other options. But I'll need a couple of weeks of recovery before any next step is started.

In general feeling pretty good, physically and mentally. Still some tenderness at the incision and tube sites. But I'm being very careful with my weight limit and keeping active but not overly so. I'm definitely ready to keep moving with treatment and am mostly optimistic about the end results of everything. The end of the year holiday season is nearly here however, and that is starting to make things feel much busier. I've also got lots of little projects to finish before my nephew arrives in a short 7-8 weeks. It will be a bit of a whirlwind through the end of this year. And I'm already starting my wish list for 2013.


  1. You...mygod, unstoppable! You continue to inspire the effing hell outta me. When I'm all like "I can't do this", I think of you. If you can do what you are doing, with grace and wit and style, then I can do just about anything. You are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of one hell of journey. Hoping that it can be over soon. You are the only runner, but we are on the sidelines, cheering like hell.

  2. Oh, that last post was from Xen