Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delayed Live Broadcast

Due to technical errors of the user, today's edition of Live Chemo Blogging will be presented as a delayed live update news story. Thank you for your understanding...

I forgot how the Ativan affects me. That is one of the early drugs they hook you up with during infusion. Specifically because it mellows you out. It was originally exclusively an anti-depressant medication. But when they realized the strong anti-nausea effect it also had, they began using it with chemo treatments. So my motivation went out the window, quickly followed down the side of the building by my caring about it. And they expect this drug to possibly hit people hard in the mental capacity side of things. Before they give it to you they ask to confirm that you have someone to drive you home. If you don't, they'll skip it. So I had my laptop set up and ready to go. And then I just didn't do it. Maybe next time I'll be better attuned to the regimen again and will be able to do the live blogging.

Home now (thanks Kim!) and likely firmly ensconced on the sofa for most of the rest of the night. I already felt the shadow of nausea and took some of my prescription meds to take care of it hopefully. Pretty tired now. Did a lot of short and micro-napping at the center. It's been almost six months from my last treatment and I remember how it felt, but not the little details of it all. This initial tired is encompassing. As soon as my mind or body disengage from something, my head is rolling forward and I don't realize it. It's kind of like that scary drive in the middle of the night when you really are too tired to be driving. You can pick your head up and focus, but you only get a few minutes before the body just tries to take over in to sleep again.

And for a hot moment I completely wasn't thinking about the neuropathy. Started to make some tea as soon as I got home, and decided I'd have a quick glass of water while I waited. (Keeping hydrated and flushing the system of the poisons.) Poured one out of the pitcher in the fridge, went to take a big drink and as soon as I felt the pricking on my tongue I spat it all out in the sink. Have since put the water pitcher on the counter when it will remain with lukewarm water for the next couple of months. At least it is still the season for hot drinks this time around. No wishing I could have a glass of iced tea and being denied for all of the summer.

One of the good shawarma restaurants in town delivers downtown. So I was able to have a very tasty lunch and, so far, keep it down. One of the patients across from me was getting his first chemo treatment. We and his caregiver chatted a bit about what he can expect and laughed a bit about the whole loopy process.

A pretty normal chemo experience for me today. I was hoping that since my system has been exposed to all of these drugs before, it would more readily adapt to the process again. The very first treatment last summer was one of the worst and I am glad that today was no sort of repeat.

Time to give in to the napping. I hope you are all having wonderful days out there.

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