Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chemo course, Take 2

Well, I have half the news for you. Met with my primary oncologist today and he is more than agreeable to finishing out the second half of the chemo treatment. He asked when I was thinking of starting it and I told him that ASAP is best. I've got a camping trip in July that I don't want to miss this year. And starting now will give me a full month of recovery before that trip. My doctor, however, does not make the schedule for the chemo infusion room. So I am still waiting to hear from the schedulers at the center. I left a voicemail later in the afternoon as I hadn't heard anything yet. I'll be getting up early to call them first thing in the morning again. My best hope is that I go in tomorrow (technically today, Tuesday), but I'm thinking that is not a highly likely probability. So my second hope is for Wednesday. Either way, I'd like to know when they've got me scheduled so I can make ride arrangements and the like.

So yes we are starting chemo again, another six treatments over three months time. Not sure exactly when though. You'll all get the update here when I figure it out.

Other than that, I'm in get-things-done mode at the moment. Want to get the little things around the house organized so it's all easy at hand for the first couple of days after treatment when I'm wiped out. I'm strangely excited for this to all begin again. The sooner I get started, the sooner I am done. And hopefully at the end of this three months there will be a beautiful, clean PET scan. And then we are DONE with all of this for a while. Fingers crossed, a very long while. There will, of course, be scans every few months for a few years. But the heavy shadow of this awful disease will be off me and I can start to really look forward to everything else. That is what I'm excited for. I really feel like the end may be in arm's length.

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