Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two steps back

Well, back in the hospital again folks. Apparently I have a massive infection in my ass and it just showed its worst symptoms today. I knew I was feeling a little 'off' the last two days, but wasn't sure why. I chalked it up to just having a couple of off days and didn't put too much stock in it. But finding a massive amount of bloody discharge this morning told us something was definitely wrong. Called my surgeon's office and they had me come in to the ER to start the procedure of bloodwork and scans. On the plus side, my WBC count is pretty high for me right now. Still low of course in the normal course of things. Won't get any word on the bacteria cultures until late tomorrow. And my docs will come by tomorrow to talk about the results from the CT scan.

They admitted me in to the hospital for at least a day, possibly more. But that info will become more clear as results roll in tomorrow. They have me on IV antibiotics for now, and it has helped me feel better already. Hopefully we can clear this up ASAP. Unfortunately this probably means no chemo next week as planned. They'll likely want to make sure this is completely cleared up before treating me again. Oh well.

Tired, pain drugs are kicking in. Going to try to get what sleep they allow you in the hospital.


  1. Oh heck heck heck heck heck. That's so rotten. Is it appropriate to think of how a favorite fictional character would handle this kind of setback? Hmm, What Would Frodo Do. Keep his eye on the long game, I expect. And accept the loving thoughts and wishes of friends, which you have in spades,


  2. Not the kind of news I want to read from you, nonetheless, I choose to see it as the fact that you are still able to write news to us. :) Love you sweetie and sending good energy, warm hugs, and prayers of encouragement and healing to you daily.


  3. Sometimes you kick the ass, and sometimes the ass kicks you.
    Sorry it's currently the latter, Beautiful. May your stay in the hospital be as short as possible. Also sending you healing vibes along with Cara and the bunches and bunches of people in your corner.