Monday, December 17, 2012

Eating Right is Sorta Bullshit

Yep, that's what I sincerely think anymore. I'll be spending some of my time in the next couple of weeks starting to seriously research nutrition and how it relates to cancer. I've already read some and skimmed other materials that tell me I was eating a pretty good 'anti-cancer' diet before we found out that I had it. Whole grains, lots of varied vegetables, berries, very low meat, minimal sugar, etc. I'd been eating this well and exercising three to six days a week for about three solid years. I have found out, however, that cancer can take 5-8 years to grow a tumor the size of mine. So by the time I got my dietary act together, it might have been too late to reverse something that was already in my system. It is also possible (and we will never know one way or the other) that I slowed things down in the last couple of years.

All I know now is that the odds are not in my favor for my particular type of cancer. Of course when caught early it is not that big of a deal. But we all know that stage four is far from early. There are plenty of studies that show diet and lifestyle can make a big difference in keeping recurrence at bay. So I'm going to study up and make whatever changes seem best. I suspect I will be going back to something similar to my pre-diagnosis diet (as mentioned above). Except likely leaning more vegan and with lots of other little tweaks. And it looks like I might be permanently switching from coffee and tea to all green tea. *Sigh* I love tea, even green tea, but I will miss daily coffee.

This is one thing I can do to take control of my situation. It may not be a lot, or it might make a huge difference. But it means that I am being proactive every day in my recovery and continued health. And it has been pointed out to me that this is something I am good at: food, nutrition, research. This I can do with confidence, and happily. It feels awfully good to bring my strengths to bear in this.

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  1. Yeah I know, you're like the poster child for "This is the LAST person this should happen to." I'm looking forward to hanging out with you again tonight (while I avoid paying attention to what you order)! Love,