Thursday, December 27, 2012

Planning Ahead

I'm not really one for journaling every little detail of my typically mundane days. Which sometimes puts me at a loss of what to blog about. There's been nothing very exciting happening around here for about a week, and no new medical news to chat about. I've mostly been home working on sewing and embroidery projects. My very, very pregnant sister and I decided to wait to do family Christmas after the baby is born. Which made the holiday pretty quiet and not very eventful. Spent part of it with friends but the rest mostly relaxing and keeping out of all the hubbub.

It feels like I haven't been out and about much lately. But I know that will change very quickly. I will be out of town twice in the next week's time. Then lots of traveling about for the next couple of weeks. My nephew is scheduled to arrive on January 4, and of course I'll be up with my sister for that day. Several trips with friends and a week helping with baby to follow. My 2013 starts off pretty busy and will be full of people. Sounds like a good start to me.

I just picked up a book on estate planning and have started reading up. We put the major paperwork (wills, power of attorney, medical release, patient advocate) together before my first surgery in the early part of the year. But I want to know what else should be taken care of for the long run as well (fingers crossed for the long run). And there is no time like the present to get started and get it all behind me. It is kind of frustrating to me to have to be worrying about this stuff right now though. Not quite 40 and it just doesn't seem right. I vacillated between depressed and angry the first day I started reading. But I'm trying to keep the perspective of due diligence and objectivity. A well prepared adult should have all this set up and be knowledgeable before it is needed. So that is what I am doing... or at least that is what I tell myself. Either way, ugh.

First trip out of the house starts tomorrow morning. Heading to Ann Arbor to see the Les Mis movie with several friends and stay the night to boot. Nothing like surrounding yourself with some of your favorite people to chase away the blues.

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