Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another day in the life

Another week of negligent blogging. Ah well, I make no excuses to you. I have been preoccupied with an embroidery project that has a deadline. But I also haven't been thinking about the blogging or been inspired with any epiphanous thoughts. So there ya go.

I seem to be handling the chemo pretty well again overall. The neuropathy is more frustrating this round because it is generally colder than last time. I notice my hands tingling quite often as they get chilled. It makes me ache for the true warmth of late spring and summer. My appetite has been much better than the last round. I suspect that is because the first chemo was much closer to my initial gut surgery and my gastro-intestinal tract was still recovering. However, in the last week I have had quite a few issues with trying to keep things moving along at a regular pace. I'm either constipated or diarrhetic, and the pain of those has been accompanied by nausea. It's been rather annoying and painful a few times. I'm going to try a few days of a low residue diet (low fiber, easily digestible foods) to see if we can get everything back on track. I assume these recent issues are from the chemo, as diarrhea and stomach problems are high on the side effect lists. If I can't get everything regulated within the next week I will schedule a chat with the nutritionist at the cancer center. And I'll definitely be mentioning it to my doctor next week when I go in for chemo session number four.

There hasn't been much exciting happening this past week. I've spent some time with friends but have mostly been trying to keep a diligent focus on this current embroidery project. It needs to be finished by early next week. So I'll have more time on my hands after that. As the sun comes out more and more, streaming through the windows of the house, it makes me think of house projects and spring cleaning. Last Friday afternoon turned into an unexpected spring cleaning effort and the living/dining room main area are now spic and span from ceiling to floor. I've got some painting in this area that I want to finish up finally. So when there is a full warm day of sun I'll open all the windows and work on that.

Lots of plans and projects and possibilities filling my mind recently. I guess that is my version of spring fever. It is fun to think up all these big plans. I know some of them won't get done, and some will be scaled down from their initial grandiose ideas. But I'm okay with that. There's something satisfying in recognizing what can and can't be done and accepting what ends up happening.

I'm going to scurry off to be productive. There's dinner to prep and embroidery to be done. I'll try to catch you all up again soon.

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