Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On the center line...

Didn't realize that I let an entire week go by without a new post. My apologies for that dear readers. It was a pretty busy weekend and I've been trying to focus my free time on an embroidery project due pretty soon. Slept in (this will be the new theme in the two months to come as we get into the second half of it) on Friday and then met some girlfriends to talk about summer camping planning. I am SO very looking forward to doing some camping this summer. One year off and I am jonesing pretty bad to put up the pavilion and lounge about in the summer heat. That left me just enough time to put something together to eat and then hit the downtown Art Hop early with another good friend. A few hours of art and free wine later, we grabbed a late bite to eat and then made it to an artist's afterparty. There was an interesting crew and a game of Cards Against Humanity, which seems to always be a good time with the right mix of people.

Slept in on Saturday and went out for a late brunch. Still a bit tired though, so a short nap was had. And by then it's time to quickly put something together for dinner so I can leave for a theatre date in Grand Rapids. Went and saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Dog Story Theatre. Perfect venue for this small stage show. And a very well done show it was. They had a great four piece band bringing a good sound and the actors were fully invested in their characters. I'd recommend it, but we caught the last showing. But look for it around at your local theatres. Makes for an entertaining couple of hours.

Slept in on Sunday (told you, theme) and made a simple late brunch. Then sat down and focused on this embroidery project. Ran some movies in the background and just got work done. But the entire weekend flew by and next thing I knew I was in chemo prep mode yesterday.

Was planning on an edition of live chemo blogging today, but the laptop was not being responsive. It was an easy fix, but not one I was bothering with while at the center. And I had my embroidery project with me as well. So I worked on that until I got too tired to focus. Honestly, didn't really get too far. Ah well, that's what tomorrow is for.

Chemo went well. And this puts us at the halfway point in this course! Kind of feels like "old hat" by now. Nothing new or different. Which is good. Pretty tired, so I will be napping quite soon. Otherwise everything is looking pretty fine. My blood counts are down below average now. But not low enough to cause a problem yet. I do need to be careful about catching things at this point. Most of the rest of my bloodwork looked good and in appropriate ranges. My doctor didn't seem worried about anything and his report was pretty standard.

Rest, rest, rest. I believe that is the key at this point. It was my fourth chemo session that I got denied last summer because of too low white blood counts. Today was number three. So I need to take it easy on myself in the next couple of weeks so that we don't get any delays in the process this time around. Weather is getting nicer daily. I'll be taking advantage of the non-rainy days and walking, which should help build my body up as well.

A lot more detail here than you likely needed friends. I'll blame the rambling on the drugs. So let's wrap this up as that's all the news that's fit to print. Time to start my resting. Ciao!

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