Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Live Blogging!

11:20 a.m.
Well my friends, we are here for round four of what is hopefully my last set of chemo treatments. I've been fretting over this one for the last week. Last summer during round one, it was treatment number four that my blood counts were too low for me to receive treatment. I was preparing myself for the possibility of being turned away today so that I wouldn't go through those same disappointed feelings as the first time around. But it turns out that my bloodwork is almost identical to two weeks ago. So, low WBC and Neutrophils, but not low enough to cause a problem. The only real change was a dip in my platelets. So I have clearly done well with giving myself the rest needed. And my body is doing well this time around so far. Because I was so prepared for denial, I was kind of excited to get the go ahead. It's a strange excitement though. On the one hand, woohoo we're getting this done and over with, moving forward. On the other hand, ick chemo.

I was also prepared to just order myself up a sandwich for delivery for lunch. But I have a lovely friend (thanks Xen!) bringing me a much tastier lunch of asian salad with shrimp and tomato basil soup. Yay friends.

11:40 a.m.
For those of you wondering what I've been up to the last several days, not a lot of exciting news to deliver. Went and saw the last show of the theatre season at WMU, Kiss Me Kate. A very cute show with great choreography and excellent performances. Drove down to Fort Wayne for a cold, windy day event on Saturday. And even had enough energy at the end of the night to head out for the monthly dance party in town. Mostly been staying near home, cooking and eating a lot, and trying to stay rested and relaxed. I've not lost any weight this chemo course and so far have had less appetite issues. Yesterday was a beautiful warm spring day. Opened up the windows to air the house out and took a long walk in the sunshine. All good stuff.

2:38 p.m.
Having a difficult time keeping connected to the wifi here at the center today; slowing up my posting. Lunch was perfect and not too heavy. One of the massage therapists came around and I got a lovely hand massage which put me right out into a brief nap. Would nap more, but I think I'll be done within a half hour. That's what the rest of the afternoon/evening is for. Lounging and napping on the couch. Pretty typical post-chemo evening. We've got leftovers to warm up if I actually have an appetite this evening. So a whole bunch of nothing to come for the rest of my day.

10 p.m.
Got a couple of naps in after I got home. Actually ate some dinner and kept it down. Now in that vascillating place between wiped and tired, feeling not too bad and feeling crappy, hungry and nauseated. Now that the trend is over and  the game is free, I've jumped on the long past Angry Birds bandwagon. Lounging on the couch playing the levels repeatedly until I max out my score. What a sweet life, eh? It's all I'm up for though tonight. So it will have to do. And I am A-Ok with that.

Hope everyone else had better days. I'll be back in a couple of days and hopefully feeling better.

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