Friday, August 10, 2012

Musing on the days...

Things we've learned about ourselves these last two days: two and a half hours is pretty much my maximum car 'butt exposure' time; I'm pretty excited about the idea of being an aunt; good company and conversation makes for a very wired brain; wired brains do not make good sleep. Visiting my sister for a couple of days this week. It's especially nice to be out of the house for a while, and I really enjoy the mellow, calming energy that their house holds. They recently upgraded their mattress set which means I get a king size bed to lounge and spread out on. I have an odd obsession about taking up as much of a king size bed as I possibly can, which is difficult when you are wee; there's lots of diagonal stretching and posing that occurs.

Been feeling pretty good the last couple of days. I'm on the upswing to my best before another treatment next Tuesday. Looking forward to a couple more mellow days visiting... even though I have time for leisure at home on a daily basis, there's something different and even more leisurely about hanging out at someone else's home. All the little things that you take care of in your own space aren't yours to be concerned about. It kind of feels like a mini vacation.

Not much more to report for now. And my mind is doing that 'rush around in five different directions' thing. Having one of those moods where I wish there were far more space in a 24/7 day so that I had the time, or could simultaneously attend to both books on my mind, three movies that I want to revisit, more good conversation and laughs, getting to work on new craft project ideas, and the time/space for proper lounging about with nothing but good music to really sink into. Where's my magical time machine when I need it? Think I'll head off to one of those books for a bit.

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