Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She's a Winner!

Got up way too early this morning to meet my oncologist and get the results from my most recent MRI. My body has resumed its natural schedule of midnight to nine (or later) for sleeping. Coupled with more insomnia last night (I was a little angry at the world), and I'd forgotten how hard it is to be up and at 'em for eight a.m. I'm sympathizing with most of my friends and family who work the typical eight to five work shift; but I certainly do not miss that schedule. I know you're all shivering in antici....pation for the grand results, and they are... goose egg! As I predicted, the MRI showed nothing going on in my back. Specifically, the first result said that there is no sign of metastatic disease in the spine. So this is super good news and now we know. My doctors weren't concerned with this yet, as progression into the bones would be a larger concern if way in the future there is recurrence. But as we all know I'm going to kick this the first time around, that's not something I'm worried about now.

After returning home and deciding not to eat an entire half of the Zingerman's chocolate chunk sourdough loaf I picked up for half price, but rather only consuming three slices and some healthy leftovers for breakfast, I was going to take a nice long walk on this warm sunny day. There is this wonderful thing called the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services that allows you to check out books through various virtual means such as for your Kindle or Nook, or even audio books. I thought the audio version of a Christopher Moore book would be a nice companion for my stroll, but alas the internets and my computer have given me a bugger of a time allowing me to access it. Downloading it from the online library was a cinch, log in and two minutes later, voila! Getting the security upgrades I needed for OverDrive was just not happening however. Finally found a forum that solved my issue and am now waiting for the transfer to finish to my phone. I was hoping to take a long walk without time constraints, want to see what I can handle and start walking daily again. And though I know that an hour's ramble will be more than adequate for my goal today, I just hate being limited by the clock.

Fortunately, Moore is assured to make me laugh while I perambulate, and I'll be following up by meeting some friends for assuredly good conversation. Perhaps not the most productive day, but spending the rest of the afternoon in the sunshine will certainly be a soul soother.


  1. GREAT news on the MRI! I'm not jumping up and down here at the office, but imagine that I am :-) This is wonderful news! And this week's weather is custom made for your enjoyment. I hope you get a chance to talk a little walk today if you feel up to it.


  2. Whoo!
    That sounds delicious.
    Laughing is productive, imho.
    Respectively -_^