Saturday, August 18, 2012

Under the summer sun

Barring some insomnia last night, there are just good things to report this post. Yesterday was another nap-py day, and today has been absolutely lovely. I feel like I've missed a lot of the summer season this year. Haven't been up for good road trips or any camping; most of June and half of July were spent convalescing indoors. But today was one of those not-too-warm summer days and I spent most of it out and about. It's always a good Saturday that starts with a morning trip to the farmer's market. Everything is hitting it's peak now and the selection is wide and wonderful. Two stuffed bags of vegetables and fresh eggs later and we're off for a mini breakfast road trip. Barely home before off again for art and music at the library with a girlfriend. We learned how to make origami roses, played with the tutus in an empty room set up for ballet storytime, checked out the mini trapeze, sang along to some Art and Garfunkel, and roamed the exhibits. Of course by then it is teatime. Two pots of tea shared with two great friends. Then home to turn the market bounty into a tasty dinner. Now there is blues playing on the stereo and I'm ready to rest my back and get some good rest. A nice normal day... these are the ones I've been looking forward to.

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