Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Round Three

Tired. That is the largest side effect of the chemo each treatment. I went to bed early, only woke up once in the night, slept late, and have taken both a one and half hour nap and a one hour nap. I just got up from the second one and could easily just get to bed. But I'm sure you are all waiting with bated breath to know how this week's treatment is treating me, and I wouldn't want to let my fan base down. Other than wiped out even more there aren't any new effects that I've noticed this time around. The neuropathy is back in full force but I'm prepared for that each time now. The pump starts to annoy me after about 24 hours, so the gods know how I put up with it for five days every week this past spring.

My mom is in town this week to help around the house and chauffeur me to appointments. My house will be clean as a whistle by the time she leaves and I am not allowed to wash a single dish while she is around. Since just sitting around tires me out right now, this is just fine by me. My big effort for the day was painting my nails. Though it felt like quite an accomplishment to be able to reach and do my own toenails again. By the time sock season rolls around I should be back in business. Another sign of progress in recovery is that I've moved on from the reclining lift chair. Before I came home from the hospital we made sure to have a lift chair delivered for me to use. I knew there was no good supportive furniture for me in the house. The sofa is too low and doesn't have the arm supports I needed to lift and lower myself well. The papasan chair was all sorts of not a good idea. And the only other chairs were the dining room table ones. So I've been renting the lift chair for two months. They picked it up Monday afternoon and I'm able to lounge relatively comfortably in the papasan again. My butt doesn't need as much support as it used to and range of motion is wide enough for me to sit in a multitude of positions again. Little signs of normalcy make each day better. It's encouraging, and I know that it will all get better if I just wait with patience.


  1. What color did you paint your nails?

    Want to paint mine to match ~ to show some support.

    1. Fingernails are a dark plum, toenails are a bright green. Pick or mix and match as you please!

  2. I am sad that I am no longer the head of department for toenail trimming and painting.