Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On the Move

Met with my surgeon again today so he could prod my butt and see how things are healing. He's still pretty happy with the progress and seems to think things are patching up well. The best part about this doctor visit, however, was that I drove myself. I am officially mobile again, which feels fantastic. Don't think I could do more than tool around town yet, but it's a lovely level of self-sufficiency to have back again. Go progress!

The week had been going really well until another chemo side effect decided to kick in earlier this evening: diarrhea. I was really hoping to skip it in this round of chemo treatment, but no such luck. Let me just tell you, in case you were thinking of trying this at home, diarrhea and nausea do not make a fun combo. Definitely a match to skip when given the chance. A couple rounds of that and a nice long nap was in order. Feeling much better now, but still a bit tired out. Also lacking in inspiration for this post... so short and sweet it is this time around.


  1. Glad you're behind the wheel again! Thinking of you,


  2. Congrats on being able to drive! Geeze! Going out of both ends. Been there done that. No fun! It would take the starch outta any body! What's the story on your lungs? Hows that going?

    On an "about me" note. I had my personal best workout yesterday in the pool time wise. I did a half mile freestyle in 23 minutes and my total mile and half was done in one hour eight minutes! Not bad for a short, fat, old guy! Enough bout that...

    I hope you feel better and better. Looking forward to seeing you!



    1. Won't know how the chemo is affecting the lung tumors until we do another scan. And there's another month or two before that happens. Good to hear about your workout. Swimming is great for you.

  3. Boo, on the dastardly duo. Also been there.
    Yay, level up in self-sufficiency! Viva independence!
    Are you taking more neighborhood walks too?


    1. Not been doing walks yet. But know that the weather is nicer, I'll be doing that more starting next week when the hard chemo days are behind me.